Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Bobby Nash talks Remington Steele's 40th Anniversary Live April 21st! Dragon Con Classic Track Quarantine Panel!

You're Steele the one for me, baby! Tomorrow, Thursday at 9pm EDT, I'm joining Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, and the Classic Track Irregulars as we continue to bring you the joys of the Dragon Con Classic Track, but now in an Online Format! Join us HERE.

Suave vs Vulgarians! 40 Years of Remington Steele & 40 Years of The Young Ones! This year is full of so many cool anniversaries! Which means to cover them all, we're doing our first ever 2-in-1 panel! This time, we're covering two shows that almost couldn't be more different, except that there's a British guy starring in an American show, and there's an American guy on the British show! Mystery/romance Remington Steele, and the pure chaos of The Young Ones!

So get yourself a very nice jacket, then rip the sleeves off it and paint an Anarchy symbol on it as we discuss one show, then the other! Oh, and be sure to remember to let Streamyard have permission to use your name, so the panel can know who's making those comments! Join us HERE.


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