Friday, September 17, 2021


I had a great visit to ConTinual: The Con That Never Ends for a discussion of one of my favorite comic book heroes, Daredevil. We talk comics, movies, and the Netflix series. A great topic. You can watch it on Facebook HERE or on YouTube HERE or below.

Thanks again to ConTinual for inviting me to be part of this panel and for the amazing panel line-up they publish each week. You should definitely check out their YouTube Channel HERE.

The Comics Lair 16 takes a leap of faith as Mike Davenport (, Darin Kennedy (, Dan Jolley (, Bobby Nash (, David Taylor (, and host Nancy Northcott ( jump from the rooftops into Daredevil lore from the comics, TV show and (that movie too). What does Daredevil represent, the choices and challenges he's faced, the cost to friends and family, and is his world really that split between good and evil?

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