Thursday, February 18, 2021


Perseverance pays off.
Today, it landed on Mars.
Well, done, NASA. Job well done.

Read all about it HERE.

I am a huge outer space nut, both the real thing and the fictionalized version I like to write from time to time. As a kid, I devoured any and every book about space and the traveling to space I could get my hands on. I was obsessed with what's out there. Somewhere along the way, as I got older and perhaps a bit jaded, I stopped looking to the stars as often as I once did. This news today, Perseverance landing safely on Mars, reminds me of those early days when the world and the future were a mystery yet to be unraveled. I miss that feeling. Perhaps, it's time I started looking toward the stars again. Who knows what we might find.


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