Thursday, January 14, 2021


It's been a long day. Hit the road with my dad today. We had a nice ride and the weather was quite lovely, although a touch chilly at times. Still, we had a fun day. I enjoy our road trips.

After I got back home, I actually managed to get in a little writing. If all goes well, I'll get a new chapter of Evil Intent posted tonight on Patreon. (that's for anyone interested in supporting a poor, indie author and enjoying some serialized storytelling).

Speaking of Evil Intent, It's funny, I wrote most of Evil Intent shortly after 9/11, before Evil Ways even came out. There's a lot of the feelings of the time in there, but some of the motivations and feelings of the villain, a homegrown domestic terrorist, seem less plausible when read in today's context, which is a scary realization. I've been tweaking and in many cases outright rewriting Donnie Lehmann's motivations. I'm also starting to wonder if I should change Donnie's first name so readers don't assume I'm basing it on any one particular person, which I am not. I came up with the villain's name in 2001. #WriterProblems huh?

Oh well, back to work. Or dinner. One of those things needs to happen soon. :)

Thanks for listening to me ramble.


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