Saturday, July 18, 2020


WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! A big thank you to Craig for his kind words and 3 STAR GoodReads review of my DOMINO LADY "Money Shot" pulpy political thriller novel published by Moonstone Books. You can read the full review HERE.

"This volume contains two novellas featuring pulp-era heroines, a Domino Lady by Bobby Nash and a Golden Amazon by Howard Hopkins. I quite liked the Domino Lady story. Ellen Patrick was a high-society girl in Hollywood who decided to become a masked crime fighter after her father was murdered by the mob. Her original adventures appeared in 1936 in exploitive under-the-counter magazines under a pseudonym that no one knows to this day. This modern iteration shows Ellen to be strong and intelligent, and it's interesting to note the contrast from exploitive to empowered. Money Shot (which is a reference to assassination, not porn), is a good adventure in which she investigates the shooting of a politician, finds and faces the bad guys, and, of course, emerges triumphant. (It kept me guessing (spoiler); I had thought the young reporter, Andrea, was involved in the set-up.) I also liked the fact that Nita Van Sloan was a participant; she was Richard (Spider) Wentworth's fiancé. I didn't much care for the other story. The Golden Amazon appeared in a series of twenty-some novels by John Russell Fearn over quite a few years starting in the 1930's. Many of them were a mix of interstellar and mystical adventures and it was impossible to get a handle on any rational continuity. Ripper, Burning Bright shows Violet Ray Brant suddenly finding that she has weird powers and facing Jack the Ripper a half-century after his last appearance. There are other shadowy forces and powers at work, the viewpoint narrative shifts unclearly, and it never quite comes together. The book has several typos that interrupt the stories; better copy-editing would have helped. For example, on page 190 "Wilson had tired" should have been "tried." There are a few misplaced letters like that which change the meanings confusingly and the reader has to stop to figure it out. Anyway, I recommend the Domino Lady story, and the second half of the double bill is there if nothing better grabs your attention."

Domino Lady "Money Shot" is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. Get yours today!

Thanks again, Craig.


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