Friday, April 10, 2020


THE WRAITH LEAPS INTO AUDIO! The Wraith Audiobook Volume One is now available from Airship 27 Productions and Radio Archives. The Wraith Audiobook features stories by Bobby Nash, Greg Gick, Erik Franklin, and Frank Dirscherl and Adam Oravec. The audiobook is read by Joe Formichella. Cover art by Adam Shaw.

Radio Archives is offering a release week sale on THE WRAITH. Save 50% off the MP3 digital download and 25% off the audio CD.

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Listen to an audio sample from Bobby Nash’s story, “Overlord of Under Town” HERE!

About The Wraith Audiobook Volume One:
The Dread Avenger. For years Metro City has been watched and protected by the mystery man called The Wraith. Garbed in a black and blue outfit, cape and cowl, this masked vigilante possesses a unique energy power called the Judgment Stare by which he compels his prisoners to relive their crimes through the pain and suffering of their victims.

Created by writer Frank Dirscherl, the Dread Avenger of the Underworld first appeared as a comic series and then ultimately prose and even an independent film. Now Airship 27 presents four brand new Wraith stories by the best scribes in New Pulp. Along with Dirscherl, this volume features Greg Gick, Erik Franklin, Bobby Nash, and Adam Oravec.

Whether battling criminal mobs, crooked cops or giant alligators in the sewers, the Wraith will stop at nothing to protect the citizens of Metro City. Beware the yellow glowing eyes of the Judgment Stare.

Read with stirring excitement by Joe Formichella.

Table of Contents:
Just Who is The Wraith - Dread Avenger of the Underworld? by Frank Dirscherl
Overlord of Under Town by Bobby Nash
The Warm Rush of Chilled Blood by Greg Gick
The Enemy Within by Erik Franklin
Sundown by Frank Dirscherl and Adam Oravec

Learn more about The Wraith HERE!

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