Monday, June 10, 2019


A sad, wet, shipping box.
My copies of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar arrived from the publisher today. These are beautiful looking books and were packed well, which I mention only because the USPS decided to leave the box of books laying in my driveway while it was raining. The box was soaked, but thankfully, Moonstone Books packs their products well so they didn't get damaged. 

That minor hiccup aside, my copies arrived today and they look great. I will have copies at the Atlanta Comic Convention 1 day show in July.

About Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar:
Moonstone Books presents brand new adventures of the “man with the action-packed expense account”! One of classic Radio's most beloved detectives makes his way to prose in Moonstone's YOURS TRULY,
Worth every dollar.
JOHNNY DOLLAR! This thrilling collection features today’s top authors, including Gary Phillips, Tommy Hancock, Ron Fortier, Eric Fein, Josh Reynolds, Barry Reese, Joe Gentile, and Bobby Nash. Edited by Tommy Hancock with cover art by Douglas Klauba (paperback) and Adam Shaw (hardcover). 

Bobby's story is titled "The Girl’s Best Friend Matter" and it finds Johnny on the trail of jewel thieves who are after the most precious of treasures.

AVAILABLE NOW! You can find Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar at Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is available in paperback ($15.95) and hardcover ($25.00) from Moonstone Books. Paperback: Hardcover: The hardcover edition includes a bonus feature, a 48 page Johnny Dollar comic book

I hope you'll enjoy it.


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