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Big Thanks to author Win Scott Eckert for his kind 5 STAR GoodReads review of The Avenger Double Feature. The kind words are much appreciated, Win.

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Moonstone does right by The Avenger.

The Avenger: Double Feature boasts a novella-length tale by Bobby Nash and a short story by Chuck Miller.

Nash's tale, "Black Water," eschews run-of-the-mill gangsters for science fiction elements, and it works. If this seems odd to some Avenger readers, I would note that some of the original pulp novels by "Kenneth Robeson" (Paul Ernst), such as Tuned for Murder, River of Ice, The Flame Breathers, and Murder on Wheels (among others—including the whole idea of Benson himself and his odd powers!) have strong SF elements. Add in a secret cabal a la the Illuminati, and Nash is cooking with gas...or water.

If Nash goes big, Miller's "The Face of Death" goes small and intimate, with a neat little ghost-story-cum-murder-mystery, featuring only Benson (The Avenger) and his aide Nellie Gray. Sending all of The Avenger's other aides away on various matters allows Miller to inject some nice character moments for Benson and Nellie, along with just the right amount of banter that is not over the top. 

I ordered the hardcover direct from Moonstone Books, and you can too:
5/5 stars

Disclaimer: I am connected with Nash and Miller on Facebook, and have my own Avenger book forthcoming from Moonstone--none of which affected my enjoyment of this book, nor my review.

Thanks again, Win.

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