Wednesday, February 27, 2019


I restocked some books for SC Comicon on March 9-10th. I'll also have a limited number of the Tales of the Interstellar Bartender's Guild sci-fi anthology there for the first time. You can also find copies HERE.

My story in this anthology collection is called Ol' Jake. Ol’ Jake was not unique in the galaxy. Stop by any bar at any of the planets along the galactic arm the locals referred to as the Antares Beltway and you’ll find Ol’ Jake there. He’ll be the one behind the bar, slinging drinks and entertaining the guests. He might not always look the same-- and sometimes he might actually be a she or an it depending on your destination-- but at the core, each and every one of them is ‘Ol Jake. Ol’ Jake was an android barkeep and this is his story. Well, one of them at least.


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