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Over the weekend, my family took a long overdue road trip together. It's been 7 months since my mother passed away and my dad needed to get out for a bit. I think we all did. The Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention was this weekend, and since I was nominated for a couple of awards, we packed up the vehicle, put Georgia in our rear view, and headed toward Chicago. The plan was to not get in a hurry, which we didn't, make several stops, which we really didn't do either, except for a quick stop at McKay's in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I love that store and can't pass through without visiting. We traveled through Tennessee, Kentucky, and into Illinois on Thursday, arriving very early Friday morning.

It's a good thing we went as it turns out I won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Short Story, which was pretty darn cool. The awards ceremony was held Friday evening to a lively crowd. It was a wonderful moment and I was honored to accept my first Pulp Factory Award in person while surrounded by my friends.

Speaking of, I also got to hang out with some talented friends that I don't get to see near often enough or had never met in person until this weekend like Van Allen Plexico, Wayne Reinegal, Ron Fortier, Rob Davis, Doug Klauba, David White, Ray Reithmeier, Will Murray, Mike Chomko, and more. I apologize if I forgot anyone. It's been a long weekend and I am terrible with names so there are a few folks I met for the first time and I'm blanking on names. Apologies. The old brain has turned to pulp, methinks.

The Pulp Factory Awards were presented at the 2018 Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention in Chicago. I was honored to have SNOW DRIVE nominated for Best Novel and my story, "Takedown" from THE RUBY FILES Vol. 2 nominated for Best Short Story. 

The winners for works published in 2017 are:
Best Novel: Pulp Heroes: Sanctuary Falls by Wayne Reinagel
Best Short Story: Takedown by Author Bobby Nash from Ruby Files, Vol 2
Best Anthology: The Ruby Files, Vol 2 (Airship 27)
Best Cover art: Holmes & Houdini by Chad Hardin Art
Best Interior Art: The Ruby Files, Vol 2 by Nik Poliwko
Special Award: Pulp Grand Master: Ron Fortier

Congratulations to all the winners!

I am truly honored to accept the award for Best Short Story for my story, " Takedown" from Airship 27's The Ruby Files, Vol 2The Ruby Files was nominated 5 times and won 3. Congratulations to Team Ruby! I am proud of you all and thrilled to be part of this amazing book.

I didn't have a table at the con and only told two people, only one of whom was at the con, that I was coming. I wanted to surprise everyone, which I did. That was nice. I did hear a lot that if people knew I was coming they would have brought books to get signed so I will make sure to announce these things in the future. I still managed to sign several books that were on sale in the dealer's room. 

On Saturday, we hit the road for Cherryville, Missouri, a tiny, tiny little town that was very hard to find on a map, which we had to use since there was no cell service int he area so no
GPS. My Dad has an old Army buddy who lives in Cherryville. They still trade Christmas cards and talk on the phone, but have not seen one another in person in 48 years. Since we were sorta, kinda in the neighborhood, we planned a reunion and had a grand visit for a few hours. Hopefully, they won't wait so long to meet up again. It was my first visit to Missouri, which was neat. I got to see the famous St. Louis Arch. Although we didn't stop to visit, it looked cool from the interstate. I grabbed a souvenir shot glass to commemorate the experience.

Next, we headed to Metropolis, Illinois, also arriving there very early in the morning. I love Metropolis and was looking forward to showing my dad and brother the Superman and Pop Culture museums on Sunday before we headed home, but alas, nether of them had any interest so we left without taking the tour. We did stop so I could take a quick photo with the Superman statue.

From there, it was back through Kentucky, Tennessee (where I snapped a shot of the fabled Batman Building), and finally back home to Georgia where I crashed hard after getting home. It was a long, tiring weekend, but I had an absolutely amazing time. I posted a lot of photos from my travels to my various social media pages. Hopefully, they were not too intrusive.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped make the weekend possible and enjoyable. Maybe I'll be able to return to Windy City Pulp and Paper Con next year with some books to sell.


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Late night ridin' and trying to stay warm.

So honored.

The Award

Illinois sure is flat.

Stopped by to salute a great hero.

St. Louis' Arch

Holy Bat-Building, Nashville!

The worst part of coming back home... unpacking.

Home at last.

Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Wayne Reinegal

Ron Fortier

Ron Fortier, Rob Davis, Bobby Nash

The gang's all here. 

Rob Davis, Ron Fortier, and Bobby Nash

Mike Chomko and Will Murray

Van Allen Plexico

The award-winning Wayne Reinegal

Ray Reithmeier and Bobby Nash

Airship 27's Ron Fortier and Rob Davis

Wayne and his award

Wayne and his award

Ron and Rob

Accepting my award

Hiding behind my award. :)

The Award.
I'd like to thank the academy...

You like me! You really like me!

Van has a surprise announcement.

A special award...

Ron Fortier... Grandmaster Award recipient

Ron Speechless

Still speechless.

Still speechless.

Speechless no longer.  :)

Congratulations, Ron.

Now we can't get him to shut up. Ha! Just kidding.

The Grandmaster Award

Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Wayne Reinegal
The Ruby Files Vol. 2 awards. 5 nominations. 3 wins!

I shall become... a bat!

So proud

In the Georgia welcome center

Rick and Darryl welcome you to Georgia.

Can't pass through Chatanooga without visiting McKay's Books.

Picked up a couple of goodies at McKay's.

I had a wonderful trip. Thanks again.


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