Thursday, May 21, 2015


Here's me ru--running and br--breathing... huff!... hard... in Camp Massacre!

The DVD edition of Camp Massacre (the comedy/horror movie formerly known as Fat Chance) is now available on-line and at fine retailers everywhere. Here's the link to Amazon.

I play Clark Wagner in the film, which was a helluva lot of fun to shoot. Get yours today!


Camp Massacre (the movie formerly known as Fat Chance) is also available for purchase on iTunes and rent on Wal-Mart VuduTarget Ticket, and more to be announced. 

Clark Wagner faces off against a killer
About Camp Massacre:
Ten contestants appear on a competitive reality show geared toward weight-loss. As the competition grows more intense, they realize that they're losing more than just weight; they are losing competitors. Are the contestants dropping out voluntarily or is something more insidious going on? Will any of them even live long enough to see the final round?

You can see the trailer here or below.
Spoiler, my character's fate is revealed in the trailer.


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