Thursday, September 19, 2013


I was asked to share my experiences writing Fight Card: Barefoot Bones with Book Life Now. You can read the full article here and learn more about Fight Card: Barefoot Bones here and here.


About Fight Card: Barefoot Bones:

Korea 1951.

Corporal James “Bones” Mason finds himself in the middle of a war zone. He is thrilled when his CO volunteers him for an inter-camp boxing tournament. The cease-fire is broken when a mortar attack hits interrupts his bout.

But that’s not where his story begins. “Barefoot Bones” Mason was a poor backwoods skinny kid, picked on by the larger boys, unable to fight back. All that changed the day he met Old Man Winters, a mysterious loner who teaches young Bones to defend himself.

Forced to leave behind everything he ever knew, teenage Bones hits the road, taking him from sweltering hot Georgia summers to freezing cold Chicago winters. Along the way, he has no problem finding trouble. But Bones knows how to handle trouble-- with his fists.

Can this skinny kid form the North Georgia Mountains survive the wilds of Korea so he can climb back into the ring one more time?

Fight Card: Barefoot Bones will be available in paperback soon.
Keep watching this space for more details.

You can purchase Fight Card: Barefoot Bones here.

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