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July has been a busy month and I have fallen behind in posting my WRAP UP-- columns for events I've attended. I hope you'll forgive getting them all in one post.

Peter, Mike, and Bobby
On Saturday, July 7th, I took part in the Celebrate Independence Weekend with Independent Comic Creators book signing event at Richard's Comics and Collectables in Greenville, SC with my pals, and fellow comic creators Michael Gordon and Peter Cutler of Tiki Zombie fame.

We had a nice time hanging out at Richard's store and chatting with his customers. I managed to sell a few books, which is always a nice bonus. I also did a sketch too, and it was a doozy. I was asked to draw The Beatles. I hope I did them some kind of justice. We also talked up Richard's appearance (and grisly demise) in SNOW DRIVE, which is always a fun topic. I even spoiled the surprise that his character, though now deceased, is mentioned in SNOW TRAPPED as well.

A fun time was had and I look forward to returning to Richard's for a signing later in the year. Stay tuned for more on that as it gets closer.

The Incredible Faber Boys!
On Sunday, July 8th, I headed to my favorite recurring one day show in the south, The AtlantaComic Convention. As always, Wes and Dave Tillander put on a spectacular event. ACC is held 4 times a year and I have a blast at all of them. This is their 25th year doing these shows, I believe and I have been part of almost all of them. I think I've missed maybe 5 or 6 since they started. The next show is on Sunday, October 7th. If you're in the Atlanta area, please stop by and see us. It'll be fun.

I sold a few books, caught up with some friends, met some new people, and even snagged a few inexpensive trades at great prices. Sadly, while at the con, I learned of the passing of Thom Trainor, himself no stranger to this show. The con gave away 2 sets of passes to Dragon Con to a lucky winner before calling it a day.

On July 10th, I headed down to Butts County where I gave a presentation on How To Create Comic Books at the Jackson-Butts Public Library as part of their Libraries Rock celebration (A big THANK YOU to Radio Cult's Bambi Lynn for hooking me up with the library showcase group). I spent an hour with a great group of kids and teenagers as we talked comics and creating stories. It was a fun evening at the library. So much so, that I forgot to take photos. I have to remember to do that next time.

I plan to do more of these type of events.

Cobra Commander and The Joy of Joe!
On Sunday, July 15th, I headed downtown to the Georgia World Congress Center for the inaugural
Atlanta Comic Con. As with all first year cons, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a fun day with some nice crowds. I understand that the crowds were a bit smaller on Sunday thanks to the Atlanta United soccer game (and World Cup viewing) were taking place next door. The train ride in and out was a bit cramped.

I was invited to the con to be part of a panel on Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. called Westerns in Science Fiction and Fantasy, which was moderated by author JD Jordan. The panel was a lot of fun and we had a decent sized crowd attend, which is always a nice bonus.

About Westerns in Science Fiction and Fantasy:
In many ways, the Western and Sci-fi genres are uniquely American—but their blending has influenced fiction worldwide. From Star Wars and Mad Max to Firefly and Cowboy Beebop, some of the most successful titles in genre fiction blend these two themes. But how do you balance them, what are the strengths and benefits of each, and how have some cross-genre properties succeeded where others have failed.

The con was fun.

I hope they return again next year.

Bobby introducing the crowd to
Abraham Snow in Snow Falls
On July 17th, I hopped in the car and headed up 85 North to Charlotte, NC for Books and Beer, a reading event hosted by my buddy James Nettles at Jackalope Jacks.

Usually, there are 3 authors reading from their work. Unfortunately, Misty Massey was ill and had to bow out so the readings were handled by me and Patrick Dugan, author of Storm Forged.

We had a fun time and I read from Snow Falls and The Ruby Files Vol. 2. I even sold a book, which was a nice bonus.

The crowd was enthusiastic and the SNOW covers look awesome under
the bar's black light.

As I wrap up this wrap up, I am preparing for my next convention. Please join me this weekend, July 27 - 29 in Hoover, AL for the Hoover Public Library Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival. This is an amazing event with authors, actors, filmmakers, and more. It's always a fun and educational show. 

Here's my panel schedule:
Friday, July 27: 9 pm - 10 pm
So You Want to Make a Fan Film?-A look at the steps to get starting in bringing your fan film to
fruition. Hosted by Potemkin Pictures, a fan film group in the Metro-Birmingham area. Panelists include:
Randy Landers* (exec. producer, Potemkin Pictures)
Lee Drew (assistant producer, Potemkin Pictures)
Michael Day (producer Farragut Films, associate producer/webmaster Potemkin Pictures)
Dana Elise Watson (costumer, Potemkin Pictures; independent film producer)
Bobby Nash (writer: Farragut Films, Potemkin Pictures) *moderator
I) Scripting (Bobby Nash)
II) Camera, Light and Sound (Randall Landers)
III) Sets (Michael Day)
IV) Casting (Lee Drew)
V) Costuming (Dana Elise)

Saturday, July 28: 4 pm - 5 pm
So You’ve Written a Novel…Now What?—An open discussion about the practical steps toward publication. Session B: Catherin Asaro, Bobby Nash, Edward Lorn, Les Johnson

Sunday, July 29: 1 pm - 2 pm
The War Against the Blank Page—Authors share their writing habits and offer insight into the creative process. Session B: Theresa Howard, Keef Cross, Bobby Nash, Van Allen Plexico

Sunday, July 29: 2 pm - 3:30 pm
Coffee and Cookies Author Chat—an hour-long event in which local authors will have the chance to pitch their work to potential readers in a speed-dating type format.

I hope to see you there.


For more photos, click

My table. Hey, buy some books. I need a new shirt.  :)

He tried to draw us! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

With Eric Sligh, longtime social media friend. First time we met in person.

It's always a fun time hanging with Mike and Peter. Great guys.
Cthulu approved snack: cherry tomatoes
The ESO OG's together again. Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, and Bobby Nash.

Hanging with About Times Comics' Eric Dotson.

Hanging with Tiki Zombie's "Howdy!" Mike Gordon


Bobby reads the opening chapter to Snow Falls. "Gets 'em every time," he says.

Patrick Dugan reads from Storm Forged

Black Light. Cool.

Storm Forged looked great int he black light too.


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