Saturday, March 31, 2018


Bobby with Gotham's Maggie Geha
and ESO podcast's Mike Faber.
Sorry for the delay in getting this one posted. It's been a hectic week.

Last weekend (March 24 - 25th), I was a guest at SC Comicon​ in Greenville, SC. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite cons of the year. This was the 5th year and it was another great one. I was set up in Artist Alley at table #522. There were great crowds all weekend and I even managed to sell a book or two. Always a nice bonus. Another nice bonus was getting to meet, briefly as we passed each other in the green room, Carey Elwes and Adrian Paul.

I wasn't at my best, physically. A minor accident had knocked my hip and back out of alignment. Painful, but easily corrected by a
Robert and Michele Young
our most gracious hosts.
visit to the chiropractor. The unwanted side effect was a flare up of Sciatica, which runs the length of your right leg from your butt to your foot. Not excruciatingly painful, but a constant pain that kept me off my feet most of the weekend so I didn't get to walk around or shop as much as I would have wanted. Apologies to those I did not get a chance to see.

As always, Robert and Michele Young and their staff did a bang up job taking care of us and putting on a wonderful event. There was also a reception at the Alex Ross museum exhibit. I had seen it before, but it was worth a return visit. If you're in Greenville, SC between now and June 3rd, I highly recommend it.

On Sunday, I filled in for the ailing Mike Gordon, who was unable to make the con due to being ill, moderating the Meggie Geha panel with
Sanford Greene's
convention book
cover art. 
Mike Faber. Mike and Mike are the hosts of the Earth Station One podcast and great guys. You should give their show a listen. Maggie portrayed the second iteration on Poison Ivy on FOX's Gotham and she was a great guest and had a lot of cool stories. I believe Mike is planning to release the recording of it on ESO's Patreon Page.

To those who came out, stopped by the table or the panel, bought something, or just said hi, I appreciate it and I hope you had a great con.

Let's do it again next year.


SC Comicon 2019 dates are March 9th - 10th.

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Maggie Geha on Gotham.

Wanna buy some books?

Sanford Greene's convention book cover art. 
At the Alex Ross reception with my buddy, Ben Eller from World of Strange.

Me and my Domino Lady!

I apparently had too much time on my hands while setting up Friday.

My neighbor, Peter Cutler.

With Gotham's Maggie Geha and ESO's Mike Faber.

I didn't do a lot of shopping this time around.
Robert and Michele Young, our most gracious hosts.

See you next year!

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