Monday, April 18, 2016


Conventioneers--- Assemble!!! Trust me. I'm more tired than this photo lets on.
This was a double-header con weekend for me with two 1-day shows. It was a long, exhausting weekend, but I had a great time.

On Saturday, I was a guest at Bridge-Con in Monroe, GA. Bridge-Con is a convention to raise money for The Bridge School of Georgia, a private school for special needs students. Attendance was a bit smaller than everyone hoped, but everyone who came, including many of the school's students, had an amazing time. A big thanks to Greg Crews, one of The Walking Dead's zombies, for organizing the event and for taking such good care of us. In addition to a large contingent of Walkers, the Batmobile made an appearance, and there was a bouncy house and other activities for the kids. I, along with J.R. Mounts, Christopher Collins, Bryan Silverbax, and Sketch MacQuestor made up artist/author alley. We also did a panel and talked about writing, drawing, and answered audience questions.

On Sunday, I was a guest at thAtlanta Comic Convention in Atlanta, GA. ACC has been a home con for me for 17 or 18 years now. It's always a fun time with cool guests, great crowds, good shopping deals, and fantastic fellowship with everyone. Always a fun time. It was great seeing everyone and I look forward to the next one sometime this summer. Thanks, as always to Wes and Dave Tillander for having me at the show.

A big thanks to all who came out and said hello. I love doing these events. They are exhausting though. I called it an early night on Sunday. I'm doing fewer shows this year than normal, mainly due to my workload, but if you see me at a con, please stop by and say hello. You can keep up with my convention schedule here.

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My table at #BridgeCon

Christopher Collins at #BridgeCon

Bryan Silverbax at #BridgeCon

J.R. mounts and everyone's favorite fried pickle p.i., Q Cumbersome at #BridgeCon

My con badge. #BridgeCon

It's just not a con without this pose.#BridgeCon

A few of The Walking Dead zombies on stage for a Q&A panel at #BridgeCon

I dooded a doodle at #BridgeCon. It's a Mighty Marvel Mash-Up asDeadpool
meets Life In The Faster Lane's R.O. and we get new XForce member, ROpool!

Artist Bryan Silverbax with his Deadpool sketch at #BridgeCon

Writer & Artist panel at#BridgeCon.
L-R: Bobby Nash, J.R. Mounts, Bryan Silverback, Christopher Collins,
and Sketch MacQuinor talk about the joys and perils of writing & drawing.

Me spouting some nonsense on the writer & artist panel at #BridgeCon

with J.R. Mounts looking at me like, "yeah, right!" Ha! Ha! Ha!

Another shot from #Bridgecon courtesy of Christopher Collins.

Another shot from #Bridgecon courtesy of  .R. Mounts.

Me and Domino Lady from #Bridgecon courtesy of J.R. Mounts.



My table at the #AtlantaComicConvention #ACC

Creators to the right of me...

Shoppers to the left of me...

Writer/Artist James Burns

Eric and Jeff from About Time Comics. They always bring the best paper in comics.

Author Allen Kemp

Writer/Artist Solomon Mars

One of the coolest artists ever, Chris Hamer aka Urbnpop

Writer/Artist Roy Richardson

Writer/Artist June Brigman

Artist (and proud new poppa) Jason Flowers

When I was a kid, I would have loved a van like this one at #ACC.

My table sans me.

I did a little shopping at the Atlanta Comic Convention. Great deals on these booksDaredevil, Essential Marvel Saga, and Blackhawk reprints. Cool reads one and all.

I also did a little shopping at The Book Nook, a local store nearby after ACC ended.
There I found these treasures. Buck Rogers Origins of Marvel ComicsSons Of Origins,
The Spider, and Spider-man novels. A good haul.

After a busy weekend at Bridge-Con and ACC, I went home to get some work done,
tired Bobby was tired-er so he watched a little TV while he ate then went off to
dreamland where he dreamed of cons. Go figure.
Another shot from ACC courtesy of Jeff Wiley of Atlanta Comics News

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