Tuesday, May 20, 2014


SC Comicon (L-R): Peter Cutler, Mike Gordon, Bobby Nash, Chris Hamer

Bobby with Miracole Burns
I was a guest at the first ever SC Comicon in Greenville, SC last weekend, May 17 - 18, 2014, and I had an absolutely amazing time. First off, I want to offer a big ol’ hearty congratulations to Robert Young and his staff for taking such good care of us this weekend. I had a blast and look forward to next year. You know it’s a good sign when there’s a fairly lengthy line outside the convention center before it opens waiting to get inside. Robert also owns and operates Greenville's Borderlands Comics and Games, which is a fantastic store. If you're in the area, you should definitely stop by and say hello. He was also kind enough to stop by the ESO podcast episode 214 to talk about the con. You can listen to it here.

DJ Spider as Black Canary
A special thanks to all the great folks who came out and said hello, stopped by the table, and an extra cheer to those who picked up some books. You guys are awesome and I appreciate it.

I also had a great time hanging out and/or chatting with some cool folks like Mike Gordon, Chris Hamer, Peter Cutler, J.R. Mounts, Chris Burns, Miracole Burns, DJ Spider, David Ballauer, Randy Bishop, Bradd Parton, Nikki Parton, Richard Morgan, Kelly Yates, and more. Please forgive me if I didn't mention you. It was by no means intentional. My brain turns to mush at the conclusion of conventions.

My table (#625)
I was set up at table #625 on Aisle 600 with New Legend Productions’ Mike Gordon and Peter Cutler on one side and Chris and Miracole Burns on the other. We had a fairly steady stream of people on the aisle and was never at a loss for someone to talk to, which is always nice because I do like to talk.

Comic fans, trust me, if you weren't here this time, you'll definitely want to be back next year. It was fun. On the book front, my big seller of the weekend was.... drum roll, please... The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil and Lance Star: Sky Ranger, with Domino Lady coming in third.

You can learn more about SC Comicon here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I had a great time and look forward to returning in 2015 for SC Comicon’s second year.


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J.R. Mounts said...

Bobby, it was a BLAST hanging with you guys. Not only that but "GODIZLLA 2014" with the guys too?!?! Too great. We'll do it all over again NEXT year. See you all there.
J.R. Mounts
Scairy Tales Noir comics

Bobby Nash said...

Always great hanging out with ya, J.R. This was a fantastically fun weekend and I'm so happy I was able to be there for this con. Ready for next year.