Thursday, December 27, 2012


Not my hands, but I spend a lot of time tapping away at a keyboard like this one.

Art: Bobby Nash/Jeff Austin
Despite a multitude of interruptions and distractions, I've actually had quite the busy day today. Today's work has consisted mostly of production and design work as I'm putting together FRONTIER, a collection of my older sci fi tales. Getting a book, any book, ready for press is not my favorite activity, but designing title pages for each story has been fun.

I'll have more on Frontier later. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here's one of the title pages as a sneak peek.

After a short break, it’s back to work writing the Evil Intent novel. The plan is to have it finished by the end of January, early February at the latest. Still a lot to do to get there though.

Fun stuff.

How was your day?


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