Thursday, December 20, 2012


Cover Art: James Burns
Today is your last chance to get the BLACKTHORN: THUNDER ON MARS anthology from White Rocket Books for just 99 cents on your Kindle!

Sorcery & science battle on future Mars!

Winner of "Best New Character of the Year" at PulpArk 2012, Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars features stories by Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, Mark Bousquet, Ian Watson, James Palmer, Joe Crowe, and Van Allen Plexico with interior illustrations by Chris Kohler under a cover by James Burns.

Get your $0.99 Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars ebook here.

Betrayed and left for dead on the battlefield, US Army General John Blackthorn awakens many thousands of years later to find himself trapped amidst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Mars, his only companions a savage Mock-Man and a mysterious sorceress.

Their war to free this strange new world from oppression won’t be easy: Arrayed against them are the four tyrannical First Men--masters of magic and technology alike--the dreaded Sorcerers of Mars!

In the spirit of "Thundarr the Barbarian" and "John Carter of Mars," Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars is action and adventure as General Blackthorn and his companions battle the tyrannical Sorcerers of Mars!

Get your $0.99 Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars ebook here.
Also available in paperback here.

Blackthorn: Thunder On Mars features "Minefields of Malador" by Bobby Nash.
John Blackthorn and his companions thought they had found the perfect place for a well-deserved rest. Weary from constant battle, they just needed a breather. Unfortunately, they wandered into the middle of a minefield in war-torn Malador as War Dogs prepare for one final attack.

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