Monday, November 26, 2012


Yep. This is my muse to a T.

Virginia Hey on Farscape
I had a great time sharing our gift ideas for Earth Station One’s Geek Gift Guide episode. Then, the ESO crew conducted a wonderful interview with Virginia Hey of Farscape, Road Warrior, and James Bond fame for this week's episode, which should go live on Wednesday or Thursday.

It's been a long, but productive day of podcasting, writing, posting, and updating websites. I did take a break to watch some TV tonight as well. Both Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead turned in really tight episodes this week. Both are highly recommended. We'll review this week's The Walking Dead on ESO as well.

Also, don't forget that tomorrow is Cyber Monday. I'd really appreciate it if you tried one of my novels or anthologies.

Well, I'm beat so I'm calling it a night. Let’s do this again tomorrow, what d’ya say?


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