Thursday, July 10, 2014


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I joined the cast and crew of Starship Farragut for the premiere of their latest episode, “Conspiracy of Innocence”, which I wrote for the production. The premiere event started at 7:00 p.m. at Farragut Films studio in Kingsland, Georgia on Saturday July 5, 2014 with a showing of the previous Starship Farragut episode, “The Price of Anything” followed by a giveaway.

Then, the main event. John Broughton, who plays Captain Carter on the show, introduced the world premiere of “Conspiracy of Innocence” which was followed by a Q and A session with the producers of Starship Farragut; John Broughton, Jack Marshall, and Michael Bednar.

Producer Michael Day also took the stage to talk about the upcoming Farragut Fest convention at the studio being held December 6 - 7, 2014. You can learn more about it here. I will be attending Farragut Fest as well and hope to see you there.

After the episode, which was met with applause and some kind words by audience members (thank you so much for that, by the way), everyone headed over to the sets for a tour and a meet-n-greet with the cast & crew of Conspiracy of Innocence.

Broughton, Marshall, Bednar
I had a wonderful time at the premiere and I would like to thank the cast and crew behind “Conspiracy of Innocence” for putting together a fun episode. I’m honored to be part of it. It was a dream come true to get the chance to write a Star Trek episode. So much fun.

The episode will premiere on-line in a couple weeks.

I will share those links here as soon as the episode is available.

You can learn more about Starship Farragut here.
You can learn more about Starship Farragut: Conspiracy of Innocence here.
Writer on the Bridge!
Watch the Starship Farragut: Conspiracy of Innocence trailer here.
You can learn more about Farragut Fest here.

Thanks again for a great weekend, plus a special thanks to writer Mike Gordon for being my travel buddy for the weekend.


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I had the best seat in the house for the premiere.



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