Friday, May 31, 2024


I'm excited to be part of this book as writer and artist. It's not often publishers ask for my art.
Bobby Repost Audrey Parente: 
*Bold Venture Press’s new Zorro anthology ZORRO: SWORDPLAY AND ROMANCE is listed now at and the Amazon listing will soon follow. 

*BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Yes, Bobby Nash’s story for ZORRO: SWORDPLAY AND ROMANCE was illustrated by Rob Davis…but in addition to being Author Bobby Nash, the writer is also an artist who draws bookmarks. Among the 15 exciting new stories between the covers of the new Zorro anthology, Nash contributed some of the Illustrations for Tekla Cichocka’s story “Unhappy Lovers” 

Bobby Nash said he has been drawing for years, but the bookmarks started this year. “I started it as a relaxation but the drawing bookmarks grew and grew. I do a few each night after dinner & put bookmarks out on my convention tables to sell as original art if anyone wants them.”

*The Zorro project is licensed and copyrighted by Zorro Productions Incorporated. The books bear the Zorro trademark.

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