Tuesday, March 19, 2024


I'm thrilled to share Starship Webster "Periphery" written by yours truly.

Now On-Line:
"Periphery" - a Star Trek fan production
Watch it on YouTube, Vimeo, and below.

When the U.S.S. Webster finds the missing U.S.S. Sagittarius adrift in space, they beam over only to find the ship deserted. Evidence points to a run-in with Romulans, but as Captain Latimer and the landing party investigates, they realize that something strange is happening on board. And now it has turned its sights on the Webster’s crew.
Starring Clinton Riddle as Captain Richard Lattimer, Chelsey L. Boston as Navigator Oden Madigan, Kenneth Hughes as Security Chief Jackson Kelly, Michael Kelingos as Helmsman Abram Scarren, and Mat Acra as Duty Officer Victor Larkin. Special Guest Stars: Kevin Palm as Captain Snow, Dawn Runyon as Mrs. Clark, and James Weber as The Klingon. Co-Starring Blake Andrus as Helm Officer Airatraya, Minette Bryant as the Sagittarius Computer Voice, Kimberly Bottoms Coleman as Engineering Officer Ray, Jerry Brooker as Tactical Officer Harrington, Karen Fonville as Transporter Chief O'Dell, Bobby Holit as Tactical Officer Steele, Randall Landers as Security Officer Peter Reigert, Fred Lassiter as Sagittarius Science Officer Langley, Erik Parrent as Navigator Bill Rockwell, Alyssa Rice as Comm Officer St. James, Ylonda Scroggins Perkins as Science Officer Katz, and Emannuel Thurman as Security Officer Shepherd.

Written by Bobby Nash. Directed by Chelsey L. Boston, Kenneth Hughes, Fred Lassiter, and Kevin Palm. Edited by Randall Landers. VFX by Ross Trowbridge. Music by Chris Kroznuski, Vernon Barnard, Tony Lunn and Michael Day. Assistant Producers: Minette Bryant, Fred Lassiter, Ylonda Scroggins-Perkins. Associate Producers: Michael Day, Kevin Palm, Ross Trowbridge. Producers: Chelsey L. Boston, Kenneth Hughes, Clinton Riddle. Co-Executive Producer: Rick Foxx. Executive Producer: Randall Landers.

W12 Produced by the Starship Webster Creative Group of Lexington, Kentucky.
Produced in 2024 by Randall Landers for Potemkin Pictures.

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