Tuesday, September 12, 2023


We Love Reader Reviews! Big thanks to Seth Tucker for his kind words and 5 star Amazon review for Dante's Showdown, book 2 in my Dante western/horror series from Valhalla Books. Covers by Plasmafire Graphics' Jeffrey Hayes. You can read the full review HERE or below.

"A great continuation on some of the conflicts and characters that were introduced in Dante's Tenth. This weird western brings in many interesting creatures and engaging characters to fill the dusty streets of the mining town. I can't wait for the next story from this cursed piece of dust."

Thanks again, Seth. Dante's Tenth and Dante's Showdown are available now. Dante's Reckoning coming in 2024. Keep watching THIS SPACE.

Learn more below.

Dante's Showdown: Time's Up! Hell's come to Dante! 
A Tale of Dante by Bobby Nash (Book 2)
A western/horror novella

Dante, Arizona is not your average mining town.

For years, dreamers have come to this barren speck of desert to strike it rich. The discovery of gold, silver, and other valuable minerals turned peasants into millionaires overnight. Many believe these men sold their souls to find their fortunes.

They were right.

Dante’s founders struck a deal, signed in blood and spirit. Under the watchful gaze of their otherworldly benefactor, an elder being whose name the inhabitants of Dante are not allowed to speak allowed under penalty of death, the town prospered, thugs became land barons, demons rose to power, and those who dared to dream big, won big.

And now, that debt is due.

With the final settlement upon them, Dante’s elite scramble to prepare for the arrival of their fearsome benefactor. Once paid, their benefactor will bless them further. It is a time of great hope, but not everyone in town wants to see the final settlement paid. Sides are taken and battle lines drawn. No matter which side wins, one thing is certain…

War is coming to Dante and there’s hell to pay.

The Dante saga continues in Dante’s Showdown by award-winning author Bobby Nash.

Dante’s Showdown
 is now available at the following retailers:
Dante’s Showdown (paperback)
Check out Dante’s landing page HERE.

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