Friday, May 19, 2023


Whoops! Somehow, I missed that this came out a year ago. I wrote a story called "First Contact" for Budgie Smuggler Games Renegade Legion game supplemental material that appeared in their ezine, Renegade Insights, Volume 6. The post shows it available through Patreon at but I couldn't get the page to open so there may be some temporary issue. Learn more at

Reposting Budgie Smuggler Games: In this edition we’re diving deeper into the meta-setting history and into TOG, the great human empire. Vol. 6 takes us to the battlefield with new fiction from sci-fi and comic book Author Bobby Nash. Lanterns of Varuna dives into food culture, trends, and history in TOG. Plus, we’ve got a location look at Sigma B’an: a unique world in former Viseru space.
To read Volume 6, and all past and future editions of Renegade Insights, become a member of the Renegade Legion Patreon. You’ll get all issues of Renegade Insights, plus great exploratory articles that offer an even deeper look into the developmental process of building the Renegade Legion Universe.

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