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Editor, Audrey Parente shared the news today about a project I’m part of the will debut in June. I am thrilled to be one of the writers in Bold Venture Press’ new Zorro anthology, Zorro’s Exploits. Learn more about Zorro’s Exploits and pre-order it here:

Being offered the opportunity to write a Zorro story was exciting. I grew up following the Fox's exploits on TV and in books so being able to play in this universe was a thrill. I had fun working on this one. I hope you'll enjoy it too.


Press Release:

*Zorro followers can now preorder paperback, Hardcover-with-dust jacket, or case-wrapped glossy hardcover copies of the magnificent new anthology of illustrated Zorro stories ZORRO'S EXPLOITS.

**Bold Venture Press presents 17 authors and nine artists in this volume. Participants are from all across the U.S.A., Canada, Portugal, Italy, and Poland. Come watch as the first caped crusader breathes new life into history, challenges old enemies, encounters mythical creatures, fights the demons, and finds humor in the scuffles with bad guys.

***Disney style, New World style and new pairings are included, and Zorro’s wholesome purpose and conviction established by Zorro’s creator Johnston McCulley have remained steady in print, film, and comics. The character created by Johnston McCulley influenced future caped heroes, and that’s a fact. His influence has spread worldwide.

****Best-selling authors and established artists steal time from their careers to dabble in an opportunity to create their version of this iconic licensed and trade-marked character. But fans have never quite gotten enough of Zorro, so they try to finish old battles and romances and create new ones in fan fiction they share with each other.

*****The opening tale in ZORRO'S EXPLOITS is an imagined finale of the never-completed New World Zorro television series on the Family Channel from 1990 to 1993. Written by Tekla Cichocka of Poland, The Alcalde’s Last Try fulfills her fan-fiction version of the Zorro character as played by Duncan Regehr, innkeeper Victoria Escalante played by Patrice Martinez and the Alcalde played by John Hertzler. **

Bold Venture Press will post details of each author’s contributions over the next few weeks. Follow them on social media and at for more.

About Zorro’s Exploits:
17 new adventures featuring the Curse of Capistrano!

In the early 1800s, California was still under Spanish rule. Some of the military commanders plundered and won riches at the expense of the peace-loving settlers. Against these agents of injustice, the settlers were powerless, until one man arose whose courage stirred the hearts of Californians. He alone gave them the spirit to resist tyranny. That man was Zorro!

The original masked hero clashes swords with military tyrants, werewolves, outlaw gangs, vampires, and other assorted malcontents in seventeen original stories created especially for this volume.

Editor: Audrey Parente

Introductions by: Jan Zbiciński and Bill Cotter

Stories by: Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, James Mullaney, John L. French, Tekla Cichocka, Aaron Rosenberg, Michael Kurland, Jim Beard, Susan Kite, Scott Cranford, Patricia Crumpler, Francisco Silva, Teel James Glenn, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Don Everett Smith Jr., Patrick Thomas, and Bret Bouriseau.

Illustrations by: Sora Almasy, Steve Shipley, Michael Grassia, Rick Celano, Phil Latter, Francisco Silva, Rob Davis, Perego, and Aleena Valentine-Lopez.

Coming July 2022.

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