Saturday, June 20, 2020


I love to draw so it's always fun when someone orders a commission or purchases something direct from me at BEN Books because that means I get to doodle on the envelopes. Here's a recent example.

The Spider-Woman image was a sketch piece included in the Bobby's Big Box 'O Books promotion going on HERE. When it came time to doodle on the outside, I figured with a spider on the inside, why not have another spider on the outside.

Want your own envelope art? All you have to do is purchase a book, Bobby's Big Box 'O Books promotion, or a commission and I will doodle on your package. Check out past art at under the art tab.

You can learn more about Bobby's Big Box 'O Books HERE.
I also do stand-alone commissions too. If you're interested, just ask.


Commission sketch I did featuring one of my favorite wall-crawlers, #SpiderWoman. I have attempted to draw Jessica Drew's alter ego a few times without success, but I rather like how this one turned out.

Sent out a package with a #SpiderWoman commission inside, I figured another wall-crawler on the outside seemed apropos ergo #Spiderman.

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