Sunday, December 11, 2016


Today's office. I cleaned up a little bit, but it didn't last.
Always great seeing my pal, Jeff Allen.
I'm feeling inspired today (a wonderful side effect of hanging out with creative people last night) so I've barricaded myself in the office to do some writing. #amwriting

Last night, I attended the Local Author's Holiday Market at Normal Bar in Athens, GA. It was a fun event with some phenomenal writers and artists on hand. I met and chatted with some creative people. Featured Authors at the event included...
John Pence: "The Ballad Of Bridghid Of Atlanta"
Misha Cahmann-Taylor:" Imperfect Tense"
Bobby Nash: "Evil Ways" and other books
Terry McVoy: "In Deep" and other books
Jamie Allen: " The 2016 Squirrel Census Report"

Kristin Bach/Rinne Allen/Rebecca Wood: "Beauty Everyday"
Sarah Hubbard: "The Story Of A Sweetgum"
Bain Mattox: "The Day The World Flipped Over"
Mandi C. Mathis: "The Littleset Inventor"
Bart King/Jacob Wenzka: "Juniper Gets Wet"

It was a fun time and Bain Mattox, our host for the event said that they will probably do it again. 

Since I had to unfortunately bow out of the Charlotte Comicon on December 11th, the Author's Holiday Market was my final appearance scheduled for 2016. I'll hit the road again in 2017.

Click Read More... to see photos from the event. They're a little dark. We were in a bar after all.


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