Sunday, July 24, 2016


I wrote intro for Jeff Deischer's new novel, STRANGE DAYS, which is now on sale.

It's always a pleasure to be asked to write an introduction for a novel. I get asked often, but don't always have time, but when I can squeeze one in, I really enjoy it. Plus, I get to read the novel before anyone else. That's always fun.


Here's the info on Jeff's novel.


The fourth volume of the Argent series, a superhero universe of my own creation with stories set primarily in the Silver Age, is now available. Strange Days features the Mysterians, who debuted in Argent (published last year). Here they take center stage, with each member getting his or her origin told, as well as the team origin – including that of the team’s mysterious unseen leader, Dr. Destiny. The volume is organized into four “books” separated by “interludes”. The team faces such menaces as the Sorcerer, who bends reality to his will, the infallible Brain, a criminal mastermind with a superhuman mind, Gargantua, who can rearrange his body into form, and the Gauntlet and his Insidians. Introduction by Bobby Nash! Now available on Amazon and Create Space.
About Strange Days:
Strange Days Indeed The 1950s were a time of hidden menace in America. Communist spies lurked around every corner and the bomb could drop at any moment. No one was above suspicion. It is into these times that the Mysterians appear. The patients of the Destry Clinic are freaks, possessing superhuman abilities – but superhuman appearances as well. They cannot simply remove a costume and disappear into a crowd. They are unlike the other heroes of the Argentverse. Dr. Destiny, the mysterious, unseen leader of the Mysterians. Mach, whose ability to fly at tremendous speed is slowly killing him. NRG, who must wear cumbersome armor to protect others from his deadly energy. Metallica, who possesses metal skin. The Mysterians face equally astonishing menaces, including Gargantua, who can mold his form into any shape; the Brain, a criminal mastermind with a superhuman mind; the stunning Sorcerer, who can perform seeming miracles; the Gauntlet and his Insidians.

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