Sunday, February 15, 2015


Bobby and Sean at one of their many convention panel appearances.

Capturing our good sides.
My buddy, Sean Taylor​ tagged me in this over on Facebook and I thought it might be fun to share here.
So here goes...

Star Sign - Leo
Favorite alcoholic drink - I don't drink
Favorite non-alcoholic drink - Mt. Dew
Favorite candy - White Chocolate M&Ms
Favorite actor - Clint Eastwood
Favorite author - Michael Connelly
Favorite flower - uh... roses, I guess.
Favorite something that you never buy yourself because it seems silly (but you secretly want it) - I'm drawing a blank, but some type of clothing, I'm sure. I hate buying clothes.
So, what do you think, Geoffrey?
Inside joke. You had to be there.
Favorite TV show - Currently: Justified. 
Favorite snack food - Toffee covered peanuts
If you could have anything for a day, what would you want- a day off. It's been so long since I've had one of those.

I'm tagging... no one, but if you want to do one, please, be my guest.

And now you know just how boring I am, huh?  :)

Thanks, Sean.


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