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So happy for my buddy, Gary Phillips and the news that his property, Nate Hollis P.I. has been optioned for film/TV. You can read the full press release below. I was honored to write a story for the Hollis P.I. anthology from Pro Se Productions in 2014. Such a cool character. Congratulations, Gary!


Independent award-winning filmmaker Christopher Marlon and his Third Coast Company has optioned author Gary Phillips’ Nate Hollis, Private Eye and all related concepts for possible development as a television or feature film property. Pro Se Productions is the home for prose stories and books featuring Hollis and his supporting cast.

Said Hollis' creator Gary Phillips, "I couldn't be more pleased to be in business with Chris, and look forward to seeing Nate, the other characters in his world, and his hardboiled arena realized in other mediums. And of course excited too that Nate's new cases continue to be chronicled at Pro Se. First with Hollis, P.I. and now the upcoming Hollis for Hire."

“It’s exciting,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “that Gary’s creation, that the world of Nate Hollis has now stepped up a whole other level. Nate is a character that, while walking within the fine lines of the genre in which he lives, cuts his own razor sharp edge as well. Straight forward like a bull charging, Nate carries readers into a world strangely familiar, but with a shadowy side that makes for great pulp and noir fiction. For Pro Se to be a part of making that happen is awesome and an honor.”

Pro Se Productions published Gary Phillips’ Hollis P.I. in late 2014, available at Amazon and other online outlets in print and digital formats. Pro Se is currently preparing a second collection Gary Phillips’ Hollis for Hire for release in 2016, with a digest novel penned by Phillips scheduled for 2017, and several other titles in the works featuring Nate and company as well.

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A Hard-Boiled Detective Anthology

An innovative Publisher of cutting edge Genre Fiction and New Pulp, Pro Se Productions announces the release of a short story collection featuring one of the best modern hard boiled private investigators to ever grace a page. Birthed full-blown several years ago in the comics mini-series Angeltown, L.A. private eye Nate Hollis, created by noted Genre Fiction author Gary Phillips, makes the jump to prose in six new short stories in Gary Phillips’ Hollis, P.I.

New York Times bestseller Juliet Blackwell (the Witchcraft Mystery series), acclaimed up-and-coming crime writer Aaron Philip Clark (A Healthy Fear of Man) new pulp luminaries Derrick Ferguson (Four Bullets for Dillon) and Pulp Ark award winner Bobby Nash join Phillips in penning these new gritty tales. Five stories feature Nate Hollis with a sixth featuring his sometimes ally, bounty hunter Irma Deuce. The streets are mean, but they don’t hold a stick of dynamite to Gary Phillips’ Hollis, P.I.

GARY PHILLIPS’ HOLLIS P.I. can be purchased at the following:
Amazon (paperback)                    Amazon UK (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)     Brilliant Books (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle)                          Barnes and Noble (Nook)
Amazon UK (Kindle)                   Smashwords (ebook) multiple formats
Amazon CA (Kindle)                    Barnes and Noble (Nook))
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