Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Your panelists.
Bobby Nash joined The Phantom Troublemaker, Gary Mitchel, and Noel Wood on the American Sci Fi Classics panel at Dragon Con to discuss G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. We had a great time with a fantastic audience. Now, you can hear the panel for yourself in episode 12 of the Needless Things Podcast, which you can find here.

YO, JOE!!!

Yo, Joe!
From The Phantom Troublemaker’s show notes:
Finally, I was on a GI Joe panel, too. This is the one I was the most excited about because GI Joe was my big childhood thing. The cartoons, the comics, the toys. All of it. I don’t think there is another franchise that I have embraced as fully except for maybe Doctor Who (it’s a close race between Doctor Who, GI Joe, and Star Wars).

I had a truly elite special mission force for this one – Gary Mitchel, ESO’s own Award Winning Bobby Nash, and my pal Gnoll; a virtual repository of 80s information. We had a great time talking A Real
As audience sings G.I. Joe theme song
American Hero, but what made this panel so great was the audience. The room was absolutely packed – standing room only – and the audience was so good I’m actually a little worried it’s the best I’ll ever see. We had people in costumes and everybody was excited to participate. It was amazing.

And now, through the magic of computering, you too can take part! Listen now as we visit the Hall of Heroes to look back on America’s
I blame the "Cold Slither" shirts.
Elite Fighting Force!:

Listen to Needless Things Podcast Episode 12: The Dragon Con GI Joe: A Real American Hero Panel here.

Below is still one of my all time favorite animated sequences, from the G.I. Joe animated movie.


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