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I just returned from a long weekend trip to the wilds of Arkansas for the 2013 Pulp ark Convention. Spearheaded by Tommy Hancock and Pro Se Productions, this was Pulp Ark's third year. I was also at the first show, but missed the second.

Originally, I thought I wasn't going to be able to attend this year either, but an 11th hour decision had me zooming up the interstate Friday evening. As a result, I was only there a short time, arriving Saturday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning, but I packed a lot of good times in that short window.

I should state up front that I am notoriously bad for remembering names. Couple that with a lack of much sleep and it gets even worse, so if I forget anyone, please understand there is no slight intended, my brain just hasn't fired the right neurons for me to recall names yet. :) Reminders are always helpful.
Short Story vs. Novel panel

First off, it's always great seeing Tommy Hancock, one of New Pulp's most strident cheerleaders. Together with Bumper Fullers, Tommy puts on a heckuva show. Here's a few of the folks I had a great time chatting with over the weekend. Again, if I forget anyone, please forgive me. Paul Bishop (for whom I am currently working on a Fight Card novel), Martin Powell, Dr. Art Sippo (who also interviewed me for a Pulp Ark segment on The Book Cave podcast), Keith (KEZ) Wilson, David White, Gary Phillips, Carlin Stuart, Allan Gilbreath, Kimberly Richardson, Lance Stahlberg, Joseph Lamere, Terry Alexander, Morgan Minor, Tracy Morris, M. Keaton, Selina Rosen, and so many more.

Bobby gets Pulped.
You can see the schedule of panels here. I was a last minute addition and sat in on some panels Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

I was honored to accept the Pulp Ark Award for Best New Pulp Character: Rick Ruby, which was co-created by myself and Sean Taylor. I also accepted the award for Best Anthology/Collection for Green Hornet Still at Large on Moonstone's behalf. Finally, I accepted the Pulp Ark Award for Best Author, which I was completely surprised to be nominated for, much less win.

Tommy Hancock, Bobby Nash, & awards
Here are some photos from the event.  I know there are some other photos taken of the Pulp Ark Awards ceremony so I will post those when they become available.

Thanks again to Tommy Hancock for inviting me to the convention. I had a blast and look forward to returning to Pulp Ark again.


Click on images for a larger view.
Bobby's awards (still sealed)
Author Martin Powell

Author, Publisher, and all around fun guy, Allan Gilbreath

Author Gary Phillips shows off Black Pulp

Bobby boards The Pulp Ark

Short Story vs. Novel panel.
Tommy Hancock leads off the Pulp Ark Awards

Getting my photo taken

After my acceptance speech (Yes. I kept it short).

Comic Book panel.

Yes. I talk with my hands.

With my awards.

A fun panel. Talking short story vs. novel writing.

More from the awards

Tommy Hancock and Morgan Minor head up the charity auction.

Not Kerry Gammill {Keith (KEZ) Wilson}

Stuart Bergman

The hotel

Winner: Best New Pulp Character

And here are some new banner ads I made to spotlight the end.

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