Sunday, November 11, 2012


I saw the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall this weekend and enjoyed it a great deal. For longtime fans of the series, Skyfall is filled with little nods to previous incarnations of the 007 mythos, which is fitting as this is the 50th anniversary of the character in film. For those not overly familiar with all of the Bond movies, the movie works for you as well. You might not catch the nods to Bonds past, but it won't detract you from enjoying a very taught thriller. Plus, a special nod to director Sam Mendes use of colors in this movie. The scene in Shanghai is simply beautiful.

The stunts and action scenes are pure Bond. The villain is eerily creepy, sadistic, and smart. The women are beautiful. The locations are incredible. All the hallmarks of a Bond flick, but there's also a good story here too. The issue of age is prominent in Skyfall as both Bond and M are more than once told they might be getting too old for this stuff (although not in those words). I find, as I am now over 40, that this plot point hits closer to home than it did in one of my other favorites, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Both movies take a look at age and show that getting the job done is not just a game for the young (a phrase used in both movies).

No spoilers here, but I can't talk about Skyfall without praising the work of Daniel Craig in his third time out as 007, Javier Bardem as the best villain of Craig's Bond era, and the incredible Judi Dench, celebrating her 7th outing as Bond's boss, M. There are other familiar characters added, like Q and... oh, darn. I said no spoilers, didn't I? Guess you'll just have to go see it, huh?

Although I think Casino Royale was a bit better than Skyfall, this movie is far and away an improvement over the disappointing Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig has signed on for at least two more Bond movies, which thrills me greatly. He has made Bond his own and seems very comfortable playing the character. I look forward to 007's next assignment.

The Earth Station One crew will be discussing Skyfall on this week's episode, which should go live on Wednesday, November 14th. You can expect more in-depth discussion there along with spoilers aplenty, I'm sure. Also, stay tuned for an ESO Bond special coming later this month. We're shaken. Not stirred.


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