Monday, May 9, 2011

Bobby Celebrates Free Comic Book Day

I spent Free Comic Book Day 2011 at Borderlands Comics in Greenville, SC.  This was also one of those rare occasions where I was doing sketches. Enjoy these photos from the event. Click for a larger view.

My Free Comic Book Day table at Borderlands. Thanks so much to Robert for inviting me up for the day. I had a blast.
Borderlands was easy to find. Just look for the giant blue gorilla.

This is the line to get in BEFORE the store opened.

Met Stuart and his father, Andy at Free Comic Book Day. We have friends on common.

The crowd grows. And the store still hasn't opened yet.

My new rack gets its first showing. A great investment

Free sketches? Aren't you a writer?

And we're open.
and the crowd keeps on coming.

And still more people. Great crowds.
Look! It's the Justice League!

Thats to New Rock 93.3 for the tunes.

FCBD Sketch: Spider-man

FCBD Sketch: Nightcrawler

FCBD Sketch: Life In The Faster Lane's R.O.

FCBD Sketch: Spider-man

A shot of me sketching

Free Sketches!

FCBD Sketch: Wonder Woman

FCBD Sketch: Spider-man and Venom

FCBD Sketch: Cobra Commander

FCBD Sketch: Savage Oppress

FCBD Sketch: Deadpool.

FCBD Sketch: Green Lantern

FCBD Sketch: customer portrait

FCBD Sketch: another customer portrait

FCBD Sketch: Hulk Vs. The Abomination
FCBD Sketch: Captain America

My table at Borderlands
 I also stopped by Richard's Comics in Greenville as well for a visit. Both of Greenville's shops really put on a good FCBD show.
Richard's Comics

Creator Row

Nice crowds

Look! Domino Lady! WOO!

Richard says, "Ya'll come back now, yhear?"
I hope you had a great Free Comic Book Day and picked up some cool new comic books to read. You can learn more about this annual event at



bradd said...

Good seeing you this weekend, Bobby. Glad the event went well for you. See you in a couple of weeks at Fanaticon.

BobbyNash said...

It was a lot of fun, Bradd. I hope you had a good time. See you in Asheville.