Sunday, August 12, 2018


Not actual cover.
Now this made my day.

Bill Black, publisher of AC Comics posted this on Facebook today and it blew my mind. As you may know, I wrote a novel featuring the AC Comics character, Nightveil for Pro Se Productions, who has licensed them. That book should be out in November, I believe. Any time I write a licensed character, there is a bit of nervousness that sets in. These are the people who know, and in some cases, created the character(s) so they know them well. I don't want to be the guy who writes them poorly so that nervousness I mentioned sets in. Then, I saw this...

Bill Black wrote: "Just read the BOBBY NASH novel NIGHTVEIL: CRISIS AT THE CROSSROADS OF INFINITY soon to be published from Pro Se. SUPERB! Whatta movie this would make! FEMFORCE fans will love it. It is ALL Nightveil with a lot of LAURA WRIGHT thrown in. This pic has nothing to do with it but it sorta fits. Can't describe the story line. That would be telling! Read it! You'll love it!"

Whew! I'm thrilled that he liked it. That's a load off my shoulders.

Now, I just have to deal with the nervousness of if the fans/readers like it.

Nightveil is a character that I have been itching to write ever since I read her first adventure back in the  mid-80's when I was reading Americomics in high school. It's taken almost 30 years, but I finally got the chance. Proof positive that dreams do come true. Now, I keep waiting on that Fantastic Four, Captain America, and Thor writing dream to come true. Any day now, I'm sure. Ha! Ha!

A digest novel by Bobby Nash
COMING NOVEMBER 2018 from Pro Se Productions
Keep watching for more on the novel's release.


The author and some of his reference material.

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