Thursday, September 10, 2015


Took a trip down memory lane on Instagram today after I ran across three old comic books I worked on way back when. Wanted to share it here. You can follow me on Instagram if you'd like. I post there regularly.


Visual Odyssey was a comic book put together by Jeff Allen, Cortez Paschal, and I in... I want to say 1988 or 1989. We showed it off at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair. I loved the "place imagination here" bit. Jeff's idea, if memory serves.


Weird South was Jeff Austin's project in 1995. It's an anthology of weird tales, most with a southern slant. Fun times. This was back when I used to think I could draw. Heavy inks by Jeff Austin for my story on Weird South. He tightened up my loose art. Looks good, I think. I was getting into the writing more by this point, but still had a few trick yet to learn.

In the early 90's (not sure the exact year, but before 1993 based on where I worked when this was going on). I wrote Roger Rocket #1 based on a local morning kids music video host/musician. George Petrisko & Jeff Austin handled the art. Almost none of my story or script made it to the end as it was heavily rewritten. Sadly, this project was not as fun as I had hoped and not much came from it. I couldn't even tell you how many were published. I have 3 copies. Not sure if any others remain. Note the Q-Zar product placement on the cover. Yep. They were a sponsor of Roger's show. The image on the right is Jeff Austin's unused cover art. The cover that was used is a photo of Roger Rocket with art elements added. I learned a lot on this project.

That Roger Rocket Cover is hand colored, by the way. That was the only way we were going to get color.


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