Sunday, April 27, 2014


Alexandra Holzer shared Ghost Gal news with fans at the Expo Event.
Art: Jamie Chase
Alexandra Holzer shared photos from the Go Go Ghost Gal ‎Event that was hosted by Bumble-Fly Events in the Hudson Valley. Ghost Gal is coming soon from Raven's Head Press, written by Author Bobby Nash, and edited by Michael R. Hudson.

She also celebrated ‎the 50th Anniversary of Ghost Hunter ‎Hans Holzer’s first book, The Ghost Hunter, originally published in 1963 and coupled with the new Ghost Gal novel series. The series is based on the adventures of young Alexandra Holzer and her ‎ghost-hunting father swirling in the mind of the amazingly talented pulp author Bobby Nash and cover artist Jamie Chase.

If you’d like to hear Alexandra Holzer, Michael Hudson, and Bobby Nash discuss Ghost Gal, check out Earth Station One podcast episode 184. You can listen to it here.

Learn more about Ghost Gal here and here.

Final cover reveal coming soon.

I'll share it here when it's revealed.


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