Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I really wanted to tie in the whole April Showers Bring May Flowers into the title, but nothing I tried really worked all that well. Darn it. I received a couple of reviews for a couple of my books in the past couple days (Snow Falls and Fight Card: Barefoot Bones) and wanted to share.

Andrew Salmon, an amazingly talented writer himself, reviewed my Fight Card: Barefoot Bones novel. You can read it here.

Michael Monson, also a writer, reviewed my ebook novel, Snow Falls. You can read it here.

Thanks for the reviews, gents. They are greatly appreciated.

As writers, we love seeing reviews. Not only is it a bit of feedback, which is nice to receive every now and again, but reviews at places like Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and the like help by knocking the books up the rankings so they gain a bit of extra visibility which makes them easier to see when potential readers are just browsing.

When you read a book, do the author a favor and drop a line or two review on-line. It will mean the world to them. Reviews are especially helpful to authors because every book sold helps.

Thanks and Happy Reading.


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