Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volume Two soars back onto Kindle from publisher Airship 27 Productions. You can find it here. This book is also available in paperback, which you can find here.

High Flying Adventure is back!

Strap on your seat belts and rev up your props, as Lance Star – Sky Ranger returns with another helping of all out action, adventure, thrills and spills high up in the wild blue yonder. And this time he's accompanied by a handful of pulpdom's greatest aviation heroes, including: The Griffon, The Three Mosquitos, and the undisputed Commander of the Clouds, America's # 1 action ace, Captain Midnight!

Writers Bobby Nash, Van Allen Plexico, Aaron Smith and David Walker go full throttle to bring you five pulse-pounding tales of brave men and their flying machines as they fight our country's deadliest foes at home and abroad. Featuring interior illustrations by Rob Davis and a stunning cover by Shane Evans, Lance Star – Sky Ranger Vol. Two is the high-flying collection pulp fans have been waiting for.

Don't miss out! Get yours today!

Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volumes One and Three also available.
Learn more at www.lance-star.com

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