Monday, November 25, 2013


One of the projects I’ve talked about in recent months-- Snow Falls-- is almost here and you’ll be able to learn more about it soon on Bookxy. Bookxy is a great portal to download my (as well as other) new novels. Check out the books, authors, and illustrators already on board at You might recognize a few of them. Here’s my page.

Look for more information on my new series, Snow and the first book, Snow Falls soon.



About Bookxy:
Bookxy was borne out of Stark Raving Group, Inc., a unique e-book, and more, publishing company focusing on mysteries, crime fiction, action-adventure and thrillers. As you will see, the Stark Raving Group and Bookxy are truly the next generation publishing company. Follow Bookxy on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Snow Falls:
Half an inch is all that stands between life and death.

Abraham Snow’s career ended with a bullet. Left for dead, the undercover operative barely survived an assassin’s bullet. After a long and painful recovery, Snow retires and returns home to Atlanta, Georgia to reconnect with his former life and the people he has not seen in over a decade.

The quiet life is not in the cards for Snow, however.

After thwarting an assassination attempt on a diplomat that endangers his sister, Snow leaps into action to keep his family out of a killer’s crosshairs. Teamed with his grandfather, himself a former government operative, and an old friend turned FBI Agent, Snow is determined to stop the assassin before he or she can take another shot at the target.

Snow Falls is an adrenaline-filled adventure thriller from award-winning author Bobby Nash.

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