Sunday, September 22, 2013


Cover Art: James Burns
Demon Press has released Über-tales - 5 tales of derring-do to shock and amaze you by James Burns. You can purchase it here.

About Über-tales:
Über-tales is a collection of 5 thrilling tales of derring-do. Superhero satire, spy adventures, mythic revenge stories, high-flying WWII adventure and end-times parables — this comic has it all.

Über-tales is a collection of stories drawn by James Burns, and also includes 2 stories written by award-winning writer Bobby Nash.

Included in this collection is “The Crown of Ghengis Kai” a Lance Star: Sky Ranger adventure, written by Bobby Nash with art and colors by James Burns.

Now available here.

Also still available is Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" by Nash and Burns. You can find it here.

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