Monday, August 8, 2011

Save 20% on all Moonstone titles

We interrupt this regularly scheduled website for an important message from Moonstone Books.

Hello Moonstone readers!

Cover Art: Jeff Butler

This is just a quick THANK YOU for your patronage and patience!

We have a LOT of products on the way, and many of them are long overdue…

So, while we wait….

We would like to say thanks by offering you a special 20% off special sale!

ANY Moonstone online order…no matter where it’s going, no matter what or how many you order, and no matter if it’s already on sale… You get 20% off!

Just use the discount code: mm11 and for the next week or so…get some hot savings!

Cover Art: Uwe Jarling

Thank you all!

Your Man in the Moon

This includes the Domino Lady: Sex As A Weapon anthology featuring a story by Bobby Nash.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled website, already in progress.

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