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Congratulations to patron and pal, Little John Nacinovich! John is the winner of my Patreon exclusive giveaway! What did he win, you ask? Well, John won a Nightbeat: Night Stories CD box set and... and... as a surprise bonus, he also gets a Box Thirteen "Adventure Wanted" CD box set as well. Both autographed by me to keep the value lowered (HA! HA!) I will get them in the mail to you this week, man.

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Congratulations again!


Learn more about these CD box sets below...

CD Cover
An Audio/Ebook Anthology Based on an Old Time Radio Show

Adventure wanted!
Will go anywhere!
Do anything!
Write Box Thirteen c/o Star-Times!

When author Dan Holiday opens Box Thirteen, he never knows what adventure awaits him. A former newspaperman turned novelist, Holiday crafts the plots for his books by living them. Spurred into action by letters from his readers, Dan Holiday’s adventures ranged from the outrageous to the dangerous. Whatever the case, Dan Holiday is sure to find adventure.

Based on the 1948-49 radio drama starring Alan Ladd, this collection includes 6 all-new Box Thirteen tales written by Bobby Nash, Jim Beard, Andrew Salmon, and Barry Reese that carry on the action-packed tradition of the originals. Box Thirteen is performed by Nick Santa Maria. Douglas Klauba provides the cover. Published by Radio Archives.

In “The Mystery of the Menacing Manuscript” by Bobby Nash, a surprise invitation sends Dan Holiday on a mystery writer’s weekend retreat filled with treachery, deceit, and murder.

In “The Horror of the Plague Doctor” by Barry Reese, a worried investor’s letter puts Dan Holiday in the crosshairs of a death doctor’s nefarious plot.

In “The Out Of This World Affair” by Bobby Nash, a cryptic message sends Dan Holiday scurrying to find the truth about Citizen X’s extraterrestrial discovery before men in black suits catch them both.

In “Room 13” by Jim Beard, a request for aid puts Dan Holiday on a collision course with mobsters, a mechanical man, and a scientist who wants to harness the author’s brainwaves.

In “The Game’s afoot, Mr. Holiday” by Bobby Nash, a killer gives Dan Holiday a chance to stop him before he murders his next victim. Can he decipher the killer’s clues in time?

In “Kaleidoscope” by Andrew Salmon, a frantic letter from a troubled wife sends Dan Holiday straight into a murder investigation where he’s the chief suspect.

Dan Holiday’s new adventures spring to life at adventure’s favorite address, Box Thirteen.

Audio CD Box Cover Design
BOX THIRTEEN - ADVENTURE WANTED! can be purchased at the following:
Radio Archives direct audio CDs - 6 hours
Radio Archives direct audio download - 6 hours
Audible (audio download)
Radio Archives direct (ebook)
Amazon US (Kindle)
Amazon UK (Kindle)
Amazon CA (Kindle)
Barnes and Noble (Nook)
iTunes (ebook)
Nook UK (ebook)


Audio Cover. Art: Douglas Klauba
The One That Got Away - Bobby Nash
An Old Time Radio Anthology

Radio Archives’ Nightbeat: Night Stories is available in TWO formats! Already known for producing quality Ebooks and Audiobooks of classic Pulp tales, Radio Archives has just released its first collection of new tales based on an Old Time Radio Program!

In 1950, NBC began broadcasting Nightbeat, considered one of the finest shows of its time. The show featured Randy Stone, a reporter who covered the night beat for the Chicago Star with a unique blend of wit, compassion and toughness.

Radio Archives invites you to return to the streets of Randy Stone's Chicago in Nightbeat: Night Stories. Six brand new Nightbeat stories are now available in both Ebook and Audiobook format. Authors Howard Hopkins, William Patrick Murray, Paul Bishop, Bobby Nash, Tommy Hancock, and Mark Squirek breathe new life into Randy Stone, bringing the nostalgic noir feel of the radio series fans have enjoyed for over sixty years to newly written tales that capture the true essence of Nightbeat.

A mystery involving a puzzle. A mad killer strangling women. A young boy on the wrong road. An old flame threatening to burn again. Blood and Conspiracy in the boxing ring. The murder of a reporter. And at the center of every tale, Randy Stone. This nostalgic newly written collection issued for your reading pleasure in electronic format also features a cover by Douglas Klauba.

Ebook Cover. Art: Doug Klauba
This Collection includes:
Introduction by Tommy Hancock
Strangler by Howard Hopkins
The Chicago Punch by Paul Bishop
Puzzle in Purple by Will Murray
Down Addison Road by Mark Squirek
Lucky by Tommy Hancock
The One That Got Away by Bobby Nash

Step into the world that comes alive when the sun sets with Nightbeat: Night Stories. eBook only $4.99. And the Audiobook also available voiced by veteran Actor Michael C. Gwynne, $23.98 for CDS, $11.99 as a digital download! Six Hours of New Stories based on a Classic Concept!

Audio CD Cover. Art: Douglas Klauba
NIGHTBEAT: NIGHT STORIES can be purchased at the following:
Radio Archives (Audio CD)
Radio Archives (Audio Digital Download)
iTunes (Audio Download)
Amazon (Audible Audio Download)
Audible (Audio Download)
Audio Book Store (Audio Book)
Amazon (Kindle)
Radio Archives (ebook)

For even more information on Nightbeat: Night Stories, and all things Nightbeat, All Pulp has an in-depth feature you can read here.

You can also purchase the original Nightbeat radio show on CD or digital download here.


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