Monday, May 7, 2018


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ConCarolinas has released their panel schedule for this year's convention, held June 1 - 3 in Charlotte, NC. My schedule is in the graphic above, but you can see the full schedule HERE!

As always, these things are subject to change up until the panel actually starts. I am on 5 panels this year with some interesting topics. I hope you'll join us at ConCarolinas.

This is a great literary focused con. This is a great opportunity to meet a lot of authors and pick up some great reads.

The full panel schedule has been posted HERE.

Bobby's schedule:

Superheroes have been popular for decades, but society changes and our heroes need to, as well. What do we want from our superheroes now, that might be different from decades ago? How can superhero writers create characters that reflect the diversity of the population?

Come watch our writing teams collaborate on a character and topic the audience throws at them.

The novella fell out of fashion several years back, but is now making a comeback in this time of e-readers and digital publication. Let's explore the benefits and costs off novella writing, and why it is an option novelists should consider.

How fast do you NEED to release books to make a living? Once upon a time it took years for books to be released, but these days, readers are demanding we write as fast as they can consume. Our panel talks about whether or not you need to release a book every fifteen minutes to make money.

9:00 pm - Off With Her Head!
There’s no way around it – sometimes a character has to die. Should you use poison, a blade, fire? What’s the surest method? How long will it take for him to die? Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of killing off characters.

I will be sharing an Author Alley table with Darin Kennedy. We will be at table #2. See map below.


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