Saturday, January 2, 2016


Don't tread on me... again.
Proudly displayed in the writing office
This piece of history arrived earlier today. This is a piece of carpet from Atlanta's Marriott Marquis hotel, one of the hotels where Dragon Con is held each year. I've attended Dragon Con since 1989. A long time. It is a great con and one of my favorites each year. When it became available, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to own a small piece of the carpet I've been walking over at that con for the past couple decades.

I framed it and found a good spot for the carpet next to the writing desk in my office. It serves as a reminder of the hard work it took to get to the con as a professional, not just as a fan. Dragon Con was one of the first cons to invite me as a guest.

I hope to return to the con again in 2016.


And here it is in action as I, Phantom Troublemaker, Gary Mitchel, and Noel
Woods found ourselves on the wrong end of the G.I. Joe team after a panel.

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