Thursday, July 31, 2014


Bobby and Cardiff Electric crew
I was an extra on episode 9 of AMC's TV series, Halt And Catch Fire. Episode Nine takes place partly at the 1983 Comdex Convention in Las Vegas. The shoot took place in a couple of different location in Atlanta, GA a few months back, before the first episode had aired. It was either late February or early April. I do remember it was chilly outside when I arrived early each morning. My dates are a little fuzzy.

I worked on the shoot for three days and had a fun time, although my feet were killing me at the end of each day after many hours standing and walking on hard surfaces. Oh, the pains of just being there, huh? :) I also spent some time fake drinking, fake smoking, and fake picking up women at the bar. I also had a lot of fake conversations on the con floor and got to fake flirt with the porn stars turned booth babes. Fun times. It was also my first time filming against a green screen, which was a neat experience. The shirt I wore was none to flattering, although it fit the era. It was a bit snug.
My 80's flashback wardrobe

For the most part, I'm blurry and in the background, although there is one scene where the cast walks past me while I'm talking with another convention attendee at the windows. It's a fun moment as it's one of the few in the series where the characters seem to be really happy and smiling.

I had fun and was excited to see myself in the episode.

Thanks to the cast and crew for a wonderful experience and thanks to the casting company that hired me. I had a blast.

Enjoy the photos.


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