Monday, April 21, 2014


Rainy Daye has added a Support Your Local Artists page to the Under Pressure Comic site. The Under Pressure team are based in Georgia, as I am. I'd like to thank Rainy for including me to the list. You can see the full list here.

The list is still growing. If you're local-ish and think you would be a nice addition to the list, please stop by and say hello and talk to them about it. I think it's wonderful when local talent supports one another.


Under Pressure
Welcome to Under Pressure Comic, a web comic created, written, and illustrated by Artist Rex and Teh Evil Panda Queen.

The content is for adults 18 and older. The humor is a cross between American Splendor and Least I Can Do, though most (not all) of it is based off of things that really happened to us or our friends.  The names of the not so innocent have been changed to protect us all against legal prosecution or our mother’s finding out what we did when we said we were studying. Not responsible for any loss of morality or braincells.

Visit them on Facebook, and follow on twitter at @artistrex and @EVilPanDaQUeEn or use their Twitter hashtag #underpressurecomic

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