Sunday, August 11, 2013


Here's a little tease of the story I’m working on at the moment (well, one of them anyway). Since the project has not been officially announced by the publisher yet, I’ve changed the character’s name for the purposes of this tease. His name is not Hanson. It is a pre-existing character for a media tie-in project and I look forward to sharing the official news here when it is released.

Until then, enjoy the tease.


“You better have one whale of a good reason why you’re in my office at three in the morning,” Hanson said, glancing away long enough to check the clock.

“I have identification,” the stranger said. He motioned toward his inside jacket pocket. “If I may?”


“Agent Smith,” the man said as he pulled a wallet from his jacket pocket. He flipped it open so the author could see his government identification.

“Let me guess… first name: John?” Hanson asked.

“Very good, Mr. Hanson. I see you’ve played this game before.”

“Once or twice.”

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