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Welcome to my Patreon Page!

Well, it's official. I've built myself a Patreon page, which you already know since you're here, right? Welcome. I'm still learning the ropes here so please bear with me as I stumble around to find my footing. Also, please share the link with your friends if you don't mind.

Why start a Patreon page you might ask?

This is one of those questions I expect to get a lot. After all, I am a published author of many titles and have even won an award or two for my work. Don't believe it? Check out where I'll happily tell you all about it.

For as long as there have been artists (and by artists I mean painters, writers, actors, sculptors, musicians, and the like) there have been patrons of the arts, those generous souls who donate to those crazy, madcap creative types to help them live while they create their art. Sometimes, as in the case of Patreon, this is a monetary donation.

I started my Patreon page primarily as a way to help cover the costs of traveling to conventions, of which I do about 15 a year, on average. I would love to travel greater distances for cons to spread the word about my work and hopefully pick up some new work. A goal for 2017 is getting myself back to San Diego Comic Con as well as New York Comic Con 2017.. Also, paying the occasional car payment or phone bill never hurts either. Ha! Ha! No, seriously. Paying bills is always nice. I like to do it whenever I can. Those who send the bills are happy when I do it monthly. They're funny like that.

I'm very new at this Patreon thing so please bear with me as I get things sorted on the new page. For those interested in supporting me there, I plan to offer some exclusive and first looks at novellas I'm producing myself through my BEN Books imprint. Patreon supporters will see those before anyone else. I also plan to do a monthly giveaway and supporters names will go in the hat for those prizes. I'll also do the occasional artwork for supporters as well. I also plan to do either hangouts or Skype groups as well once I work out the logistics. There's also an idea I'm floating for one on one or group tutorial sessions. I think that could be fun. Of course, with the bulk of the money raised here going toward convention travel, I'd love the opportunity to meet my Patrons face to face and offer a special deal or two at my table. I'm sure other ideas will come to me as I go along. Plus, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Maybe we can make them happen.

If you've read this far down and are still interested, please click the link here and check out my Patreon page. and become a patron of the arts if you're able. I appreciate your support.

Thank you.


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