Sunday, March 3, 2019


This was a fun question I was asked on social media.

IN THREE PICTURES: What fictional characters did you spend the most time pretending to be as a kid? 

My childhood heroes.

My mom used to love to tell, well, anyone who would listen, how I used to run around the backyard pointing my hands at the sky going "THWIP! THWIP!" and pretending to be Spider-Man. I blame my love of comics, super-heroes, sci-fi, and all things geeky that I am enamored of on Spider-man. It was Spidey (we're buds so I can call him that) in cartoons that was my first introduction to the character. From there, I found comic books. My first comics were Amazing Spider-man issues 192, 193, and 194 that I convinced my mom to buy me in a 3 pack at Zayre's super store way back when.

Colonel Steve Austin was the man. The two coolest things you could be int he 70's was an astronaut or a guy with super powers. Steve Austin was both and he had the coolest sound effects to go with it. I wanted to be a Bionic Kid so bad... until I realized exactly what that entailed. I had fun pretending though. It also got me to run a lot, which meant exercise. I saw Lee Majors at Dragon Con once, but did not get to meet him. Bummer.

Captain James T. Kirk didn't have super powers, but he went to the coolest places and had kick butt adventures. It was a childhood dream to walk the halls of the USS Enterprise as a member of Starfleet. The closest I came was working on the Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues fan films and visiting their sets. A dream come true. I saw William Shatner at Dragon Con once, but I did not get to meet him. Bummer.

I learned a lot from these characters, including values and morals.

These three characters, not surprisingly, are characters I would love to write officially one day.


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